St-Germain Delice de Sureau

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Brand Maison St-Germain
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St. Germain is a French liqueur made by fresh elder flowers, hand-picked in late spring at the foot of the French Alps, in the few weeks in which the petals reach the highest level of fragrance and purity. The flowers are handly harvested and, after careful selection, they are carried to the distillery for maceration and subsequent distillation, a method which remains, until this day, a precious family secret. As a result, St. Germain retains all the flavors of elderberry that flow in a balanced and round liqueur, softly fruity, extraordinary scent. Unique is also the bottle: elegant, iconic, art deco. The elegant fluted glass and the soft facets shall assign a timeless appeal. Versatility is the distinctive character of St. Germain, making cult product among professional barman approaching the various distilled to create fresh and rich cocktail of fascinating shades.
alcohol:  20%
Country:  FRANCE
Volume:  0,70