Moscato d'Asti DOCG 2018

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By 1600, the grapes were grown on the hills surrounding Asti, Piemonte, there were many varieties but Muscat has proved to be perfect for this type of sottosuolo.Moscato d'Asti, aromatic wine because the grapes already contain all the aromas of wine and vine because native born, grown and distributed only in these hills between Langhe and Monferrato.Il Saracco Moscato is an integral part of the landscape, the smells and flavors of this earth. In fact, drinking Saracco Moscato is like hearing the heady scent of orange blossom, peach and lime potendoli see, experience the breathtaking scenery of the hills that suddenly become magnificent mountains make you feel part of it. Served cold with its delicate and persistent bubbles is like a refreshing shower in summer.


Grapes: Moscato Bianco Canelli (100%)

Type of soil: sand banks interspersed with layers of crumbling gray tuff, silt and becomes a good supply of limestone


Collection and storage : the grapes just harvested is subjected to a soft pressing to use only the most aromatic grape juice that contained in the outer area the berry. We collect the juice in stainless steel tanks and maintained at a temperature of -3 ° C. In this way the juice does not ferment. The must remain for months in steel tanks at controlled temperatures, until aa when the demand for wine requires us to begin the process of fermentation and bottling. In this way the flies arrive on the market as fresh as possible.

Fermentation: The wort from different barrels, is the first combined and then transferred into autoclaves where you start the fermentation; trying to "mediate" between the musts from different vineyards to achieve the highest possible average level of quality and consistency between different congestion during the year. Moscato d'Asti is therefore the result of a combination of grape and wine already fermented. The fermentation is activated by raising the temperature and allowing the natural yeasts to begin the transformation of sugar into alcohol. When the alcohol content reaches 5.5% and achieves a perfect balance between acidity, sugars and alcohol, the temperature in the autoclave is lowered and the fermentation stopped. During fermentation the carbon dioxide that is formed is forced out from the autoclave. If you let the fermentation proceed until the transformation of all the sugars into alcohol would get a wine with an alcohol content of 14%!    

Micro-filtration and bottling: the wine is filtered through microfiltration to give it maximum purity and transparency, and then bottled. The pressure in the autoclave is about 2 atm, and will be about 1.5 atm after bottling. The sugar content in the bottle is about 140 g / L. The carbon dioxide present in the autoclave after fermentation in the bottle is transferred, allowing the Moscato d'Asti sparkling result.

In conclusion, the process of fermentation of Moscato d'Asti combines technology and maximum attention to the transfer of bottled occur naturally in the organoleptic characteristics.


Color: straw yellow with greenish reflections; perlage index slow fermentation and secondary fermentation.

Bouquet: intense orange blossom, peach and thyme (mainly primary aromas, those already present in the grapes)

Taste: intense, elegant and persistent. The sweet sensations are well balanced acidity and pleasant fruity aromas typical of Muscat grapes.


alcohol:  5%
Country:  ITALY
Volume:  0,75
Year:  2018