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Gin Mare is a Mediterranean gin flavored with four main botanical: basil from Italy, from Greece thyme, rosemary Turkey, citrus fruits from Spain and the Arbequina olive, typical of Catalonia cultivars. Distilled in Spain by the family Giro, Gin Mare is the passion of Marc and Manuel, third generation, and their collaboration with Global Premium Brands. Gin Mare is produced by batch distillation process with a Fiorentino Alambicco of 250 liters, specially created for this processing.

For the soaking each of the eight botanical components are individually added to 200 liters of water and neutral grain spirit for 24-48 hours and the macerated citrus for a year, then undergo the process of distillation. The distillates obtained, are mixed by the Master Distiller to create the typical tasting notes of this gin.


Appearance: transparent and crystalline

Bouquet: spicy with herbaceous notes of damp forest of pine, boxwood leaf and tomato. Subtle scent of rosemary, black olives and citrus.

Taste: fruity, with notes of juniper and fresh coriander, slightly bitter with spicy and herbal notes typical of rosemary and basil, which are balanced with fresh notes of citrus fruits. Finale with notes of green olives, basil and cardamom.

alcohol:  42,7%
Country:  SPAIN
Volume:  0,70