l'Opera Rosso d'Italia

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"L'Opera" owes its name to the fundamental conception that the wines are the result of Artists .
For example, we speak of " literary work " and " musical work " and is associated with passion , dedication and inspiration of those who bring it to fruition. You should always think about the fact that each bottle of wine has a story, an idea at the base, a project for which he came to life , an emotion you want to convey.
In the case of our Rosso of Italy, we thought well to give a snapshot of the national territory and its traditions collecting inside the grapes from the most renowned Italian region for the production of red excellence.
A journey through the history and the territories of our country, of which we decided to make the gift because of what you can enjoy.(http://www.barbaneravini.it/l-opera.html)

Grapes: Sangiovese , Primitivo , Nero d' Avola , Syrah

Ageing: 6 months in oak barrels from Slavonia


The notes are arranged by the artist on the staff according to their inspiration and talent to give life to a melody that alternates every sound and complete . Similarly the full body and aromas of this wine are and combine to create the Opera.

Colour: intense red , impenetrable and deep, with purple hues

Bouquet: fruity with a predominance of ripe red berries and spicy with delicate notes of cinnamon and vanilla

Taste: soft, round and harmonious

alcohol:  13%
Country:  ITALY
Volume:  0,75
Year:  2016