Grappa EVO

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EVO is a grappa (distilled grapes) that is legally defined as a “riserva” because it ages for more than 18 months in wooden barrels. The barrels used are various types of wood barrels and not necessarily from the first cycle. 
Each type of wood individually helps give the product a specific feature.  Based on the various vintages and the natural and unpredictable maturation of the product during aging, EVO can have slight differences in colour and aromas. This helps further celebrate the absolute authenticity and artisanship of the product. EVO does not contain any added dyes.  Its “nuance” is the result of barrel aging. The methods to process the containers and the various types of woods used give this distillate unexpected organic substances and colorants. Thanks to the new processing techniques, EVO has a very limited amount of essential oils (“traces”) encouraging the drinkability and increasing their digestion and has a quantity of methyl alcohol that is at the lowest  legal limit.

Technical informations
Grapes: blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Glera and Incrocio Manzoni.

Distillation system: discontinuous bain-marie and direct steam distillation. The facilities have vacuum filtration areas.

Aging: various native wooden barrels. Walnut, Cherry, Beech

Aging time: over four years


Colour: intense brown with amber glints
Nose: The nose picks up on hints of raisins mixed with liquorice, walnut, cinnamon and vanilla. A “sweet” aroma of ripen dates, crème caramel, “torrone” and carob further characterize the elegant bouquet. There is no alcoholic “pungency".
Taste:fine and intense with overtones of spun sugar, vanilla, ripe plum and hints of citrus. A complex and velvety taste.

Aftertaste: tones of dried fruit and hits of spice are gently overcome by a pleasant alcoholic sensation. Regal finish.

alcohol:  42%
Country:  ITALY
Volume:  1,0