Dessimis Pinot Grigio Isonzo DOC

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The Pinot Grigio is often incorrectly called as a white grape, but it is not. The name itself is a clear reference to the fact that we are dealing with a variety not perfectly white. It is in fact an offshoot of Pinot Noir, and without entering into details of genetics is sufficient to observe the color of the cluster to verify this. All musts of Pinot Grigio, just obtained, show a more or less coppery color, but only some are able to sustain it over time, while most of them are witnessing the gradual disappearance of the shade until you get the classic yellow note. This is because the pigment of Pinot Grigio, anthocyanin in nature, is easily oxidized in the normal operations of mashing, so after a first phase, in which is suspended for the fermentative activity, there is a gradual reduction of the color due to precipitation of anthocyanins oxidized. The end result is that the natural color accumulates on the bottom of maturing pink coloring lees.
Where, however, the processing of grapes and its mashing does not require contact with oxygen, the natural pigments of the variety are preserved and maintained stable throughout the life of the wine. A similar technique is implemented for the vinification of Dessimis, where the copper color is not a first choice, but it is a natural consequence of protection from oxygen, in order to safeguard the position of the aromatic variety in this particular stage of processing, risk
otherwise be lost.


Grapes: Pinot Grigio 100%

Type of soil: shallow with plenty of backbone, reddish clay for the presence
iron oxide and aluminum, well drained

Training system: Guyot

Harvest time: 2, 3 and September

Vinification: Destemming, maceration in cold (8 ° C)
Clarification: cold static
Fermentation temperature: 16 to 19 ° C Yeasts: selected
Fermentation time: 35 days
Elevage: 7 months on yeast
Fining: natural
Bottling: June 
Refinement in bottle: 10 months


alcohol:  14,5%
Country:  ITALY
Volume:  0,75
Year:  2016