Château Liot Sauternes AOC 2015

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The essential originality of vinification in Barsac and in Sauternes concerns how the vine-harvesting is carried out. Ordinary maturing is insufficient. One has to wait for the “overmaturing” of the grapes and a specific rot which is so particular to the local climate it has  been dubbed “noble”. It is induced by a specific mould which appears naturally in this area- It is called “Botrytis Cinerea”. It is a tiny mould which produces in great vintage years the famous “roasted aromas” which are recognizable in old bottles. To make the best of Botrytis is no easy task. Its action on the bunch is not uniform. This why the berries are picked one by one-When it rains the harvest is postponed so that the grapes may dry. This leads to a spreading out of harvest time which may last up to a month. It may also lead to a loss in quantity for the benefit of quality which may yield under 20 hectolitres per hectares.

In the area of Sauternes, the harvests were very early in the year 2015 and at Château Liot began on September 8th. The noble rot has developed easily, quickly and regularly, allowing fluid and homogeneous collections on a young and fresh botrytis, which is the result of a formidable, pure, balanced vintage and good vivacity. You can recognize the typical notes of candied apricot, manifested soon during the vinification. Château Liot 2015 reflects the expression of its terroir, sometimes that of Barsac, with its fruit, its freshness and its floral notes that give it a unique elegance.

Technical informations

Production area: Haut Barsac

Grapes: Sémillon 85 %, Sauvignon 10 %, Muscadelle 5 %

Soil: clay limestone

Average age of vines: 45 years

Harvest: manual picking

Vinification: fermentation and maceration in wine making vat

Ageing: in barrels for 18 months


Colour: golden yellow

Bouquet: intense and complex, very fruity; the initial notes of exotic fruit, pineapple and mango, followed by dried apricots and figs, until you get a slight spicy hint.

Taste: fresh and fruity notes (mirabelle plum, citrus fruits) blend to overmaturing ones( honey crystllised apricot). Harmonious and very elegant wine in aromatic expression.

The art of drinking Barsac-Sauternes: as opposed to the general idea, Barsac-Sauternes is far from only being a dessert wine. Gourmets also drink it with fine white fish, (turbot with mousseline sauce, pike quenelles and fillets of sole), liver pates, with most game or a good chicken, and also with fruit. It is quite delicious with blue cheeses such as roquefort. Sauternes also goes beautifully with some spices such as ginger or curry. It is also perfect as an aperitif or served with almond biscuits. Serve cooled but not chilled.

alcohol:  13,5%
Country:  FRANCE
Volume:  0,75
Year:  2015