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The Veltliner grape variety, known in Austria and Germany as "Grüner Veltliner", is a very ancient grape, originally from the Rhine Valley, where it is spread by immemorial temp, although some believe it coming from Valtellina (valteliner). In 1884 Goethe reported the synonym "Weissgipfel", or "White Hill", and in Lower Austria it was also known as "Grünmuskateller" or "Green Moscato". In Italy it has spread very sporadically and only in Val d'Isarco (Bolzano), in South Tyrol, has found a terroir of choice. It is surprisingly a varietal authorized for Abruzzo and the province of Caserta.

Features: medium leaf, pentagonal or cuneiform, trilobata, upper leaf glabra; Medium cluster, sometimes compact, elongated, winged; Medium, round or slightly oval, with thin, tender, golden yellow color.

Harvest: the third decade of September and before October.

Productivity: good.

Forcefulness: medium.

Synonyms: white cima, grüner veltliner, green veltliner, weisser, weissgifler.