Pinot Bianco
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Pinot Bianco

This noble grape, derived from a genetic mutation of pinot noir, has ancient origins dating back to Roman times. It is part of the so-called "international" vines, of French origin and widely cultivated all over the world. It is a very early grape, and this makes it suitable for cultivation in regions also considered "extreme" for viticulture, which is of common cultivation in France and Germany. In Italy it has been present since '800, and is spread in a wide range of regions and denominations, especially in the north. Many times it has been confused with Chardonnay in the past, and the characteristics that share it with the latter grape have made it was often cultivated along with it. It is registered in the Italian Register of Varieties of Vineyards only in a relatively recent period (1978).

Features: medium-small leaf, pentagonal, rounded, upper leaf glaze, dark green, bulbous, slightly glossy; Bunch small, cylindrical, fairly compact and often with a clear wing; Medium-small, spheroidal, with thin, tender skin and intense golden yellow color.

Maturation: mid-August.

Productivity: Fair and Regular.

Forcefulness: good

Synonyms: white burgundy, pinot blanc, green pinot, weissburgunder.