Gragnano Pasta Gentile
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Gragnano Pasta Gentile

Pasta Gentile of ancient tradition still preserves even in today's world of advanced technologies the traditional production methods used in Gragnano, that is always renowned as the "City of Pasta".The small factory of Gentile continues its mission: offering a premium quality product using high quality semolina and a very low temperature drying.Gentile decided to make a choice, to use only Italian durum wheat varieties grown in the Foggia region and the excellent quality of the Foggia region. The combination of slow drying using the traditional "Cirillo" method and the excellent quality of the Foggia region semolina enhance the perfume, the flavor and the tenacity of the pasta in all shapes, making it a unique product.

Pennette Rigate

$ 3.36 VAT included

Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta produced with bronze die

Ingredients: Water,Durum wheat semolina

Cooking time: 8min

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