Vie Di Romans 
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Vie Di Romans 

The unswerving dedication of the Gallo family to vineyards and wines, dating back over a century, is rooted in the labour and determination of family members such as Basilio, Stelio, Gianfranco and their relatives.
Gianfranco, who has managed the estate since 1978, introduced radical and far-reaching viticultural programmes and has devoted painstaking attention to winemaking practices; these initiatives have given the stamp of unique personality to the wines of Vie di Romans over the last 20 years.
There were a number of  important steps in this historic process. 1978 saw the first bottling and label on the market, followed by vineyard reorganization aiming at improving quality in 1982; in 1989 the new three-storey winery building was erected.  Wines from distinct vineyards were produced separately beginning in 1990, and in 1992, with the release of  the 1990 vintage, the custom was established of releasing all whites a full two years after harvest.

Our fifty hectares of planted vineyard are located in the Mariano del Friuli township, located within the DOC zone of Friuli Isonzo, in the easternmost area of northern Italy, close to the Slovenian border. The Adriatic is barely 20 km to the south, and the first slopes of the Alps about 30 km to the north.
Within the Isonzo area, we are situated on a broad terrace on the north bank of the river Isonzo characterized by high concentrations of ferrous oxides in the soil.

The development of our vineyards has been carried out in accord with a re-vitalization plan begun in 1982, and for many years now the quest for uncompromising quality has driven every viticultural decision. That has led to high-density planting, low-yields, careful canopy management, and other practices. Still, the quality we search for is not the result simply of the application of a number of standard procedures; it is rather discovering the growth balance unique to, and required by, each vineyard.(