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Recoltant Manipulant - Oeully / Epernay - Vallée de la Marne

14 ha Pinot Noir - Chardonnay - Pinot Meunier - Arbanne - Pinot Blanc - Petit Meslier

Bottles produced annually: 140.000

A vigneron dynasty with more than four hundred years of history that has always thought of the vine as the focus of its making Champagne. At the head of the house there is Benoît, almost forty years, helped by his sister Mélanie and he manages assets of 55 terroir distribution in the village of Oeuilly, Boursault, St-Agnan et Celles-les-Conde. Gypsum varied soils, limestone, clay, sand, into several zones for conformation and vines. The vineyard management is natural, with the grassing between the trees, and a steady increase in biodiversity. The large amount of produced Champagne want to tell this priceless mosaic of places and vineyards. The style of the house is faithful to the vintages and long stops on the lees, in a very personal vision and great charm.