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You can certainly define the heroic work done over 2000 years ago by the winemakers of Valtellina. The steep slopes of the valley did not seem suitable to be grown, but thanks to the ingenuity of farmers of that time it was realized that in these areas, kissed by the sun for long periods of the year, could grow good grapes: it was necessary only to create suitable structures. Thanks to a huge work fates are so 2500 kilometers of dry stone walls, which stretch for 50 kilometers along the entire area of Valtellina wine: thousands of stones, laid out with painstaking care, now form the largest wine area of terraced world. The grapes ripen Nebbiolo from Valtellina on these sunny slopes, before being carefully collected cluster after cluster, by the hand of man. The Mediterranean climate and soil conditions are particularly favorable to the list of factors that make it possible to produce high quality wines. These also include those made from Nebbiolo grapes, the same used for the prized Barolo in Piemonte. At Plozza Wines creativity has been and will always be the guiding principle of our corporate philosophy. It is this inspiration that gave birth to, for example, Sforzato, on the market since 1946. In 2000,  Plozza Wines has decided to abandon the old concrete tanks to switch to steel fermentation of the latest generation for the first phase after the crushing, and chestnut barrels, to those of oak or oak barrels for the aging process.