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Pierre Brigandat

Récoltant Manipulant in Channes - Aube Barséquanais - Côte des Bar

Pinot Noir 8 ha - Chardonnay 0.4 ha

Bottles annually produced: 60.000

Bertrand Brigandat, with his father Jean Pierre who still works alongside his son, generous with advice and insights, works in Channes, a very peripheral place than the classic places of the region. We are in a forest, wildlife habitats and forest varieties of botanical interest. It is not the Aube, beaten by Parisian tourists in search of nature and cheap sparkling wines, but rather a sort of  Grand Cru of Barséquanais where the expression of peasant wine, is a value, a diversity and a way to think and  produce different Champagne. This is the stimulus, this is curiosity, no other references and unbiased. He is an honest and conscious winemaker that turns the fruit of its own vineyards in essential wines, true and without technicalities, obtained with only the aid of steel. The microcosm of Channes, wild and wooded varieties of botanical interest wildlife habitat allows the expression of "peasants" and yet very charming wines.