Marie Courtin
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Marie Courtin

Recoltant-Manipulant in Polisot - Côte de Bar

Agricoltura Biodinamica

2,0 ha  Pinot Noir - 1,0 ha  Chardonnay

Bottiglie prodotte annualmente: 20.000

Little Maison of a few hectares, headed by Dominique Moreau, a stubborn and eccentric winemaker who has embraced the principles of biodynamics from the beginning. Dominique Moreau presented her brand in 2001, dedicating her to grandmother Marie Courtin, whom she loves to remember as a woman of the earth, with the idea of creating champagne three times monogrape vine, parcel and vintage and elaborated according to its particular philosophy of life and production. Sure of the need to respect the nature, she follows the dictates of organic farming associated with biodynamic practices and has both vineyards and certified winery. The vineyards are located in the surroundings of Polisot where the combination of gentle slopes, hillsides with strong Kimmeridgian presence and east / southeast exposure conveys the power and texture wines combined with excellent sapidity and minerality. In vinification she uses vertical traditional pressing systems and in primary and secondary fermentation and she uses only natural yeasts from the vineyards. The wines made malolactic and are not filtered and the champagne is not met after the desgorging. In these Champagne, we find the extraordinary mix of raw material of great integrity, a gentle and determined touch in vinification and a maniacal attention to all the details. They are refined and essential wines, without any dosage, for true enthusiasts.