Le Morette - Az.Agr.Valerio Zenato
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Le Morette - Az.Agr.Valerio Zenato

The Morette – Valerio Zenato farm today is one of the most dynamic areas of production of Lugana DOC. Its headquarters are in San Benedetto di Lugana, in the thin belt that divides the southern bank of Lake Garda and the Frassino Lake, which is an important naturalistic site and natural reserve.

Founded by Gino Zenato over 60 years ago, the company was born as a farm for vineshoot production, intended for viticulture. Gino from the start backed up this activity with winemaking self production, as a direct test bed for his farming activity.
In 1981 his son Valerio took over the farm management, and he enriched the production with high value wines, at once characterised by a strong personality. He therefore achieved his first awards and definitely launched the company towards quality winemaking production. His wines are distinguished by their marked minerality and structure, which are typical characteristics of this territory and they are interpreted in an elegant and refined style.
Fabio and Paolo, the third generation of winemakers, support Valerio in managing the company and continue the family tradition with the same passion and enthusiasm of their grandfather.

The farm is developed over 30 hectares of vineyards divided in three estates, two in San Benedetto di Lugana and one near the Sirmione Palace, in the agricultural area nearest to Lake Garda. Here there are the toughest plots of land, that sometimes force grapevines to limit conditions, particularly for water supplies. Nevertheless this is the zone of “first territorial cru”, the one where white wines of greater structure are produced and which are characterized by a strong minerality. Our company philosophy is based on the solid bond with the territory the balance of which is guaranteed particularly by the use of organic amendments and substances of natural origin. Each phase of production, from the grapevine up to harvest and winemaking, is followed personally and with care by the family, as a guarantee of a production with a strong personality.