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Farm founded more than forty years ago by the parents of the current owners , small, unpretentious, but supported by so much enthusiasm . Until not long ago the wine production were conferred on the local Cantina Sociale .
Today, seven brothers and cousins have inherited an activity that has them fully involved and engaged , reaching considerable size. The love of country life and the passion for the cultivation of the vine, first and foremost, have decreed the birth of Latium . The company is engaged in the production of fine wines such as Soave , Valpolicella and Amarone , the quintessence of the warm lands of Illasi , whose nobility has its deepest roots in history.

The village's origins are traced back to the ancient Romans, which , passing through remote lands of conquest, found here an ideal environment for the cultivation of vines, olives and fruit trees. The locals were quick to call the Latii , " those of Lazio" , describing them as "foresti", foreigners. The rediscovered history - a few stones worn casually come to light , plowing - bear witness , with ill-concealed pride, as such land is custodian of two thousand years of history

Two thousand years they have invited the local rural communities to domestication of these lands sylvan , and now offer the good that nature has granted and that the whole world envies us : wine.

The memory makes a great country and everything that makes up the past is the result of passion , dedication and sacrifice. Hence the choice of the name Latium that reminds all those who appreciate good wine that the company's roots are ancient and noble , as noble and ancient are the scents of the wines produced .