Laherte Frères
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Laherte Frères

Negociant Manipulant in Chavot - Vallée de la Marne - Coteaux Sud d’Epernay 

10 ha: 50% Pinot Meunier - 45% Chardonnay - 5% Pinot Noir

Bottles annually produced: 70.000

The winery boasts an ultra secular tradition: has been active since 1889. The vineyards are situated in a dozen of villages along the Marne, south of Epernay and Côte des Blancs. There is a kind of dualism that regulates the activity: Laherte dad is the supervisor, administrator, advocate of tradition /convention (elements embodied in the vintage). Instead the son Aurélien, belongs to the small minority of producers who have decided to use natural methods in the vineyard and in the cellar (and has earned the trust and the progressive availability of the father). It is trying to maintain healthy old vines with biodynamic systems; it makes extensive use of barrels and batonnage as flavor enhancers and achieve balance between sugar and acidity. Some vineyards are rented but, nevertheless, always follow directly (which is why they are considered Negociants). Year after year the bio style consolidates and techniques are refined.