La Stoppa
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La Stoppa

LA STOPPA is an ancient farm with its vineyards climbing solitary on the slopes of Trebbiola valley, not far from Trebbia river, in the province of Piacenza.
The farm is spread over 58 hectares, 28 forests and oaks, chestnuts and robins, and 30 vineyards, all joined together and dominated by a medieval tower. More than a hundred years ago, its former owner, Ageno's lawyer, planted French vines and produced wines with significant names and a bit curious because Italianized: Bordò, Bordò bianco and Pinò.
In 1973 Stoppa was bought by Pantaleoni family, which in a short time rationalized the plants and renewed the cellar. Today, the winery is run by Elena Pantaleoni, who together with Giulio Armani wanted the largest investments to be destined for the vine, managed according to the biological method. Almost all the vineyards were raised to Guyot, 6.000 plants per hectare, with spontaneous grassing. The care of the vineyard is carried out leaving the plant to grow autonomously, without fertilization or herbicides, only sulfur and copper treatments.
The low natural yields, due to the average age of the vines and the poor soil, and the intrinsic quality of the clusters make it possible to obtain very characteristic wines, born in the vineyard and not betrayed by excessive work in the cellar. Today in La Stoppa there are few labels, some linked to native grapes, Candia Aromatica Malvasia, Barbera and Bonarda, others with historically present grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Semillon.