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The cellar of the family Kracher Burgenland is located in the south-east of Vienna, on the border with Hungary. This region is characterized by a particular climate that favors the development of noble rot: the strong afternoon winds alternating in fact the humidity at night due to the proximity of Lake Neusiedler. Kracher is a leader in Austria in the production of sweet wines. There are two types of wines produced from Kracher: 1. Cuvée, sweet wines of medium concentration, Beerenauslese (BA) Eiswein, and 2. Kollektion, very concentrated sweet wines produced according to two different methods: Zwischen den Seen ("between the lakes"), traditional fermentation in stainless steel or in large wooden barrels and "Nouvelle Vague", modern with the use of new oak barrels. Kracher hravest grapes and makes wine in small batches, using a series of numbers to distinguish them:to a higher number corresponds to a higher concentration of the wine.