Fratelli Collavo
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Fratelli Collavo

Azienda Agricola Fratelli Collavo is the result of three brothers' desire, Massimo, Marco and Mauro to continue the business set up by their father Cesare in the 1960s.
The farm spans over an area of around five hectares, including almost three hectares cultivated as vineyards, one for cereals, and the rest as a permanent pasture and wood. The organic method is our starting point upon which we develop the most sustainable approach to farming possible, one that is in tune with the environment that surrounds our property and the plant species that inhabit it. Sustainable viticulture, two words that imply an entire way of living, observing and working the land. We chose not to mechanically apply a fixed agronomic method, but rather to work with our own approach to action, which we develop in line with the conditions and problems we encounter on our vineyards.

The three goals we have set in our company are:
1) to maintain soil fertility;
2) to make the plants healthy so that they can resist diseases and pests;
3) to obtain the highest-quality product possible.

Our work in (organic) viticulture is actually an attempt to understand the meaning and scope of viticulture practices with regard to every link of the ecosystem. The musts we produce are vinified and aged following this all-round philosophy, with the same care paid to working the vineyard. As such, we minimise our actions in the cellar to preserve the wine's natural development and to enable proper storageOrganic farming is the only form of farming to have a specific regulatory framework at national and EU level. In order to display 'organic wine' on the label, we must adhere to Regulation (EC) 834/2007), which, in particular, commits us to practising cultivation that uses no chemical fertilisers or synthetic pesticides and to undergoing regular checks by certifying institutions authorised by public bodies.