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The winery was founded in the year1858 in Mezzocorona-Trento. The vinified grapes comes in part from its own vineyards and from the vineyards of some small farmers who give "always" their product to the winery for a contract called "honor".
The production areas are located in the foothills of mountain Mezzocorona and in Piana Rotaliana, area of particular value where the fertility of the ground and drainage below are combined in a proper nutritional balance and water.
The winery produces high-quality wines in an environmentally and tradition that for over 150 years has been handed down from generation to generation.
The care and attention to the land are essential values: the quality of a wine is made in the vineyard. This is why since 1990 the company adopted the  "Protocollo d'intesa" viticolo Trentino governing the integrated defense of the vines, selecting plant protection products used, and indicates the struggles to pests more suitable and less impact. The protocol is then self-discipline of certified growers from Trentino, and rule in the same way also some oenological practices such as the use of sulfur, by imposing limits much lower than the legal ones.