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Domaine Weinbach

In Alsace , at the foot of the magnificent hill Schlossberg , in a frame of vines and roses , Domaine Weinbach " stream of wine ", named after the small spring that passes through it , was built in 1612 by Capuchin monks.The Clos des Capucins , historic ground , extends over 5 hectares, protected by the walls of the former convent of the Capuchins. The monks were loyal to the Alsatian tradition that believes that the best wine is only pretty good. So you are busy with fervor in the direction indicated by their ancestors : the constant pursuit of perfection and the best product. The production philosophy is founded on respect for nature, and for maintaining the best of tradition , not to mention innovation in the choice of cultivation and treatment of the vines, which is based on biological methods. Domaine Weinbach began using biodynamic methods on 8 of the 25 acres in 1998 and, since of the 2005 vintage , all the vineyards of the Domaine , joining the "conversion" getting both official and certified "organic / biologique " Ecocert that the " biodynamic / biodynamie " Demeter certification in 2010. The winemaking process respects carefully the quality of the grapes , combining a minimum of intervention with extreme vigilance .
The main conditions are: the grape harvest is expected at the level of ripeness ; rigorous selection , pressing gently and gradually , a long fermentation in old oak barrels . The richness and variety of the mineral soil , the personality of each grape , his balance with the environment and the land , the individuality of each plot of vines and the choice and condition of the harvest lead to a wide selection of " cuvée " . Each has its own personality , its color , but always with the same quest for purity and elegance combined with richness and harmony.