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Domaine Rostaing

The northern part of the Rhone Valley, is located on the two shores of the river from south of Vienne to Valence, for a total of 80 kilometers. Climatic conditions are unique: the climate is Nordic and rainy, the screws (often planted in full south) climb on granitic soils. The grape queen of this sub region is the Syrah but there are even three white grape varieties: Marsanne, Roussanne and Viognier. Cote-Rotie is one of the reference names and is the northern apex of the valley. The best vineyards are planted on steep hillsides (inclinations > 60 °). Within this area you can find two famous production areas: Cote Brune (granitic soils) and Cote Blonde (schist soils). The first one generally generates more tannic and robust wines, while the second can give life to most elegant and fine wines.

Rostaing began in the early 70s by purchasing two small plots of land, one in  Cote Blonde and one in Cote Brune (The Landonne). Currently the Domaine covers 7.5 hectares, a considerable area considering the characteristics of Cote-Rotie. The majority of land held in Cote-Rotie appellation is assembled to produce Cuvée Ampodium, while the most peculiar plots are separately vinified. Rostaing, despite being strongly linked to tradition, combines classic, territory and modernity. For example, the use of horizontal rotofermenters, does not provide for any shortening of the maceration and the use of the new wood is very moderate a ( 20%). The goal is to faithfully return in the glass characteristics of the terroir and of variety, crafting powerful and dynamic , durable and expressive wines.