Domaine Pellé
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Domaine Pellé

Morogues  Menetou-Salon

40 ha  Sauvignon - Pinot Noir

Bottles annually produced: 350.000

In the north of France, along Loire river, more than a thousand kilometers, there are vineyards that give rise to a variety of wines: a very wide face from East to west with heterogeneous climates, soils and grapes. Surely the white grape vines find in these conditions their ideal environment. Red grapes, however, reach levels of interest only in certain areas and favorable climate conditions. The magnificent marl-calcareous slopes of Sancerre, Morogues and Pouilly-sur-Loire are destined to Sauvignon's extreme finesse. Lean and silky soil and a temperature-fluctuating climate develop nervous and elegant wines, with characteristic and unmatchable aromas. Menetou-Salon (487 hectares overall) is located to the west of Sancerre and shares the Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. There are wines that, without having the same capacity for ageing, often have more youthful drinkability.

The young Paul-Henry Pellé, with his work, is the most authoritative flag bearer of the small denomination Menetou-Salon, with extensions in the noblest neighborhood (Sancerre and Pouilly-Fume). Ideas, sensibilities and great respect for family tradition are the guiding features of this winemaker, a few frills and a lot of work. For four generations, the fathers are listening in the family. Paul Pellé began in the early 1900s, then his son Ernest, then Henry, who in the 1970s gave Domaine a decisive impetus, with a qualitative vision of wine: today it is up to Paul Henry to collect inheritance made its own and enriched by stimulating and dynamic ideas.