Domaine Bouchié-Chatellier
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Domaine Bouchié-Chatellier

Saint-Andelain - Pouilly-Fumè LOIRA VALLEY

20 ha Sauvignon Blanc Fume

Annual production: 100,000 bottles

On the east coast of the Loire River is the town of Pouilly-sur-Loire, famous for producing Pouilly-Fume (1200 hectares). The soils of this area are richer in limestone, a feature considered responsible for the pronounced smell of smoked wines that are produced here. The oenological techniques used in this region tend to preserve the cool character of wines, so the traditional method involves the vinification in inert tanks such as cement and steel. In the 1980s, some producers introduced the use of barriques to increase the complexity and body of the wines, obtaining results much appreciated but also challenged by others since very distant from what is considered the classic model of the Loire Valley .

Bouchié-Chatellier is not a modern Domaine, is atypical in the genre, all based on export, yet strictly in wines, without concessions to international tastes. The charm borns in the vineyards: on the sweet hill rising from the eastern shore of Pouilly, due to the characteristics of the soil that gives structure and substance to the wine: slate, sun-heated flint, clay, fossil shells, iodine, stones and mineral salts that saturate the grape of unmistakable aromas. Sauvignon Blanc finds its best expression along this bank of the river; it is difficult to find other places that can strongly affect the variety of grapes. The winery, that existed since 1930, enriched in time with the various influences and contributions from generations of passage, is currently led by almost forty-year-old Arnaud Bouchié who, in the wines, prefers freshness and harmony in fair relation to price.