Di Lenardo
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Di Lenardo

Established: 1878

Location: the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region is set among the foothills of the Alps and enjoys a temperate climate which mingles with eastern and western air masses, together with the warm southerly Scirocco wind that rises from the Adriatic Sea.

Soil: gravel-rocky

Training system: Guyot , Double Guyot

Vine: conventional

Property vineyards: approximately 50 hectares

Rented and controlled vineyards: approximately 10 hectares

Density: 4500-6500 vines per hectar

Yearly bottle production: approximately 650.000

Export share: approximately 70 %

Oenologist: Massimo di Lenardo and consultants

Massimo, recently assisted by the young son Victor, carries, with great effort and great results, the flag of the vast family business Ontagnano. The international market they are targeting mainly supports the style of wines without that right be canceled or disrupted the Friulian identity. Well recognizable and valued native cultivars or international in the region have always been in the foreground. Chardonnay Father's Eyes has always been the biggest star of the production.