Château Coutet
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Château Coutet

Château Coutet, an English fortress, was built in the 13th Century and was transformed into a winery in 1643. For a long time  property of the Lur-Saluces family, it  housed the Château d'Yquem stables, nowadays transformed into chai. Vertical torches dating back to the ' 20, a 14th century chapel and courtyard, characterize the property.

In 1787, US President Thomas Jefferson, then US Ambassador to France, celebrated Château Coutet as "the best of Sauternes of Barsac". Recognized for its excellence, Domaine enters as"grand cru premier" in the classification of 1855. Château Coutet combines elegance and quality in the production of a magnificent Sauternes under the direction of the Baly family and with the technical and commercial collaboration of the company "Baron Philippe De Rothschild SA ", which ensures its exclusive distribution.

The Domaine is located on a  exceptional terroir. The deep roots of the vine sink and draw the elements from a limestone and clayey soil that gives the grapes great strength and richness. Misty morning followed by sunny afternoons are the only microclimate of the region that allows Botrytis cinerea, or "noble mold", to grow harmoniously. A gift of nature that remains indispensable for the production of a great Sauternes.
The name "Coutet" comes from the Guascon "knife", to evoke the precise cleanliness and vivacity, freshness and nervousness of wine, in a unique style, characterized in generous floral and fruity aromas of white flowers, citrus, honey and vanilla. The passage of time leads to deeper, warmer notes where exotic spices and candied fruit are combined. In maturation, with the accentuating of the delicate aromatic character typical of Botrytis cinerea, it reaches the harmony.