Castel Juval Unterortl
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Castel Juval Unterortl

The owner Reinhold Messner and the managers Gisela and Martin Aurich founded the winery in 1992. On the steep and partially parcels of Mount Juval, various varieties for distillery and grapes are grown. The cultivation covers four hectares of vineyards located on slopes and the production is about 30,000 bottles of wine per year. The vines are located at altitude between 600 and 850 meters. Rocks and stones support and surround the vineyards, providing solidity, warmth and vitality, soil characteristics that, together with the peculiarities of the microclimate, give great quality to the wines produced by the winery.The vineyards are arranged according to a modern plant design, 8,000 plants per hectare, in order to obtain wines with the same excellent quality.
The high steepness of  Mount Juval allows a limited use of machinery, so the pruning of vines takes place mostly by hand. The unique position favors the complexity, elegance and richness of minerals of these wines.
These particular characteristics are the basis of the winemaking, which takes place mainly in stainless steel barrels.Wooden barrels are placed in such a way that the natural character of the wine can be developed to the best and do not alter, giving rise to wines that mature for five to eight months on their own yeasts and that, thanks to a precise and careful vinification. They have a potential ageing of many years.
The soils, easily warmed by gneiss rocks, combines with the particular microclimate, characterized by high daytime temperatures, thanks to south-east orientation, and high thermal night-time excursions, due to the cold air currents coming from Val Senales. Martin and Gisela never tire of experimenting with Riesling, a noble as difficult grape. The result of this research is a range of three different wines for style and origin. The Gletscherschliff is obtained from the youngest plants, Unterortl is the selection from the vines for at least twenty years, while Windbichel is the winery's cru.