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Cantine Ferrari-Fratelli Lunelli

The myth of Ferrari began with a man, Giulio Ferrari and his dream of creating a wine in Italy inspired by the finest French Champagne. Skilled and painstaking enologist had studied at the prestigious School of Viticulture in Montpellier, in 1902 gave the opera Giulio Ferrari: a few, select bottles at prohibitive cost, but that still never enough to meet the demands of the fans. In 1952, Bruno Lunelli, owner of the wine shop best known of Trento, took over Ferrari from Giulio, who continued to work in the cellar until her death. Thanks to a meticulous work in the cellar, combined with his innate entrepreneurial verve, Bruno Lunelli increased the production of up to one hundred thousand bottles a year.
In the decades that followed  Bruno Lunelli's sons, Gino Franco and Mauro, will lead the company, which produces exclusively Metodo Classico, at the height of quality and reputation.