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Caldora Vini is a young winery, born from the partnership between the leading export company in region and the “Cooperative Wine growers’ Association” of Ortona, a famous company in the region with over 1.500 hectares of land cultivated by about 700 vinegrowers. From all the grounds of ownership, we selected the best vineyards according to position, type of clone and age of the plants, that seemed to guarantee the best quality, and by using a careful reduction policy (low yield per hectare), we succeeded in obtaining top value and today a total amount of around 200 hectares are cultivated with rigorous methods according to the Caldora "project quality". 
The new winemaking facility in Ortona, is endowed with the most modern technologies, while the modern bottling line guarantees the best quality control and packaging of the products and prompt clearing of the orders.  
Before putting on the labels, each bottle is washed again and dried on the outside, this once again proves how keen we are to make our bottles look their best.
The most popular wine at the moment is Yume Montepulciano d’Abruzzo made from very old vines belonging to an Association called “Soggiorno Proposta” that helps people recover from drug addiction. The incomparable value of the vines, the determination of partners in wanting to give a social and not only a profit-making aim to the company, has made it possible to give a substantial contribution in supporting all those who are facing one of the hardest challenges against drug addiction.
The wish is to win this battle and allow all those who suffer to have a dream like the name of  wine that comes from the Japanese word “dream”. (