Bérêche et Fils
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Bérêche et Fils

Montagne de Reims-North

Craon de Ludes - R.M.

3,25 ha Noir - 3 Pinot Chardonnay has - 2,25 ha Pinot Meunier
Bottles annually produced: 85.000

La Maison Bereche creates Champagne since 1847 when, Lèon and Albert Bereche produced a small amount of bottles of 2.5 hectares planted in Ludosa. Currently hectares of vineyards are  9.50 for about 4/5 of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, while the remaining 1/5 is planted with Pinot Meunier. The winery can rely on 3 different areas, each with its own terroir, in turn divided into 21 plots; the average age of the plants is 38 years. This winery has undergone a profound "revolution" since (in 2004) the young son of the owner (Raphael) has begun to operate. With him the way of making Champagne has definitely changed: in the vineyards were banned systemic treatments and herbicides and the rows are conducted with painstaking care. The winery is not far behind with ample room for spontaneous fermentation and the use of oak barrels from various sources and capabilities, both for winemaking and for the aging .The alcoholic fermentation spontaneously and slowly begins and ends at the beginning of December. The malolactic fermentation is not carried out, due to the low temperatures of the winery. The aging in wooden barrels of base wines ends in May; after tasting the bases and the "assemblage" operations, future Champagne rest on the lees from 2 to 6 years depending on the type. Also interesting are the drawdowns with a cork (bouchon liège) to mature the cuvée in "controlled oxidation." Basically it tries to restore the ancestral techniques, but with contemporary sensitivity and awareness. The Champagne of Bereche Maison et Fils are greatly considered by critics and fans: the guidelines that are common to all wines are the acid-vein ore and balance on the palate.