Alain Mercier
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Alain Mercier

Récoltant - Manipulant in Passy-sur-Marne - Aisne

Chardonnay 4 ha - Pinot Meunier has 4 - Pinot Noir 2 ha

Bottles annually produced: 80.000.

Champagne Mercier, a photograph of the tradition in the deepest Marne. A family, a house where the colour purple of lilac is predominant, an inclination for Chardonnay even though we are in the west of the Valley, where it is the main grape Pinot Meunier. Monsieur Mercier, during the harvest period, uses the collaboration of several Parisian students, so that they spend a period of work and leisure, helping to enliven this part of the territory. This joie de vivre is reflected, then, into the glass. For those who love fresh and crisp sparkling, immediate, to drink in any relaxing occasion.